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We are a local group of professional painting contractors that serve the Savannah area. Our goal is to connect you to the hands down best painters Savannah Ga offers. We want to ensure that we send the best fit contractor for your project. We know that we are offering you the best painters because we pre-qualify them before ever allowing them to join our team. Each member is qualified, licensed, insured, and trained to properly paint and treat you and your property with respect. Each and every contractor that we work with is a local crew that meets our golden standard.

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We have a unique process to starting projects with customers. It all starts with a free color consultation that evaluates the scope of work, the proper color and material needed for the job, along with pricing. Once that is decided on we can start the actual painting process. Prep, clean or wash, move anything out of the way, caulk, two coats of paint, touch ups, clean up, move stuff back, and finally reveal our masterpiece to you. We are very confident in our work because our crews are made up of contractors that have been doing this kind of work for years! But don’t just take our websites words for it, call us today and speak with us to see how we can help you!

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Interior Painters

Professional and clean interior painting services.

Exterior Painters

Professional and clean exterior painting services.

Article Painters

Fence & Deck, Concrete, other odd items painted.
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As mentioned before, we are a group of professional painters that paint everything from homes to offices, fences to decks, and any odd job you may have for us. We all bring our own levels of experience to the table which creates a diverse experience to the team, allowing us to help any local with their painting jobs. We have crews that specialize in different works. Our exterior crews have won awards for being the most exceptional exterior painters Savannah Ga has. This award was won because in our color consultation we get your personal taste on what you would like the project to look like and we implement that into our professional painting craft. Talk to one of our exemplary employees today to see when we can come to your home and transform your painting project.

With numerous years of experience, our crews are able to use their knowledge to their advantage. We never count the little guy out and we know and understand fully that keeping the customer first is the best way to prove ourselves and build rapport with our local neighbors. All of our contractors are put through training on how to properly paint and handle customer needs. Call us today to see for yourself!

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Exterior Painting

Our exterior contractors will take care of you and ensure that our efforts shine through to the whole neighborhood!


Interior Painting

Interior painting is a delicate task for we are inside your home.  Trust our Pros and allow our work to prove itself!


Item Painting

Fences, concrete, decks, and more for both residential and commercial properties.  Learn more below!

We are more than just house painters Savannah Ga locals love to work with, we specialize in multiple areas of painting so that we are able to serve all of the Savannah locals!  This includes commercial projects as well!  Everything that we offer is applicable to residential and commercial real estate as well.  We pride ourselves on our ability to work well with others, including other contractors if your project requires it.  We have even worked with various types such as HVAC Edwardsville IL to prove that our workability is top notch.  Click below to call us now and speak with one of our experts to see when you can get your estimate and consultation done!


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“Reviews aren’t everything but I do trust them and Pro Painters Savannah Ga get’s a 5-star review from me personally.” – Your Neighbor.

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I originally was going to paint my home myself but then I got too busy at work. I didn't trust anyone else but I did trust them because they found the perfect contractor for me which was one of the best Savannah painters.
Gainesville Painters
Hunter Donaldson
They connected me to hands down the best painting contractors in Savannah. I knew from the first interaction it was going to be a smooth process. They took care of everything for me. Highly recommend.
Michael G. Hughes
I wasn't sure at first because I didn't want to be dealing with a bunch of grimy contractors without my husband but they took care of everything for me. Very knowledgeable and professional. I definitely recommend Dave.
Marti Hudson

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Letting a contractor inside your home can be a very nerve wrecking job. We know and understand this concept going into your home and study how to create a more trusting environment and relationship with our customers. Often times our work will speak for itself but sometimes that doesn’t always cut it. That is why we have a precise process that our crews follow to ensure a premium job and back up our moto as the best Savannah house painters.  Our crews follow these guidelines precisely in the order that follows:

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We always start with a free estimate and color consultation so that we can better know and understand our customer and their needs and so that they can get to know us better as well. Our contractors are trained to obtain proper etiquette when entering your home, be polite, and share our knowledge with you as much as we can. Once we have acquired your personal touch in the project then we build out a scope of work and submit it for final review. When we come out to begin working on your project we always start with laying down the necessary paper for clean up and moving furniture out of the way if need be. We then clean any surfaces that we need to insure that the paint will stick properly. This leads us to caulking what we need and eventually applying two coats. Once all of our touch ups and painting is dry and ready, we then clean up our area and put things back like we found them and leave as if we were not there.

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The Best exterior painters Savannah Ga Offers

The knowledge that our exterior painting crew possesses is very vast. We look forward to sharing our expertise with you in our color consultation and as the project moves along. We have processes in place that allow efficiency and quality to both work together, for we want nothing but the best exterior painters Savannah Ga has to touch your home. Those processes are much like the interior processes just with pressure washing applied to it as well and usually no furniture to move. However, if need be we can always move select furniture and other items out of the way. Our processes are created from our crew members and their teams and are acquired from the many years of experience that these men and women possess to insure that we do our absolute best job possible when completing your project. Our team is trained to serve you at the best rate possible and to apply their expertise where needed. Keeping you first is something we stand by and our mission is to provide the highest quality paint jobs to our local neighbors.

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Calling in for a FREE estimate allows us to get to know each other and better understand your project so that we send the proper team out to you.  Call below or fill out our form here.

Versatile Savannah Painters

The term “article” can and does mean many different types of items in and mostly around your home or building. This is a term we use to classify things such as fences, decks, and other odd paint jobs that are very vital and need painting but do not fall under the typical interior or exterior of a home or office building. The most common articles that fall under this category is fences and decks, occasionally a door or light poles and some concrete work. Regardless of whatever it is, we do it just as we would a big job. We have crews that focus on knocking out the smaller jobs so that we can help any and all of the Savannah locals. We do this to encourage more people to go with us and allow us to work on their bigger projects once they have those come around. We love to build more rapport with the local people and help them in anyway that we can.

Our commitment to helping out the little guys and painting jobs that some contractors would turn down because of the size difference is what makes us the best painters in Savannah Ga. With processes like this in place, we can confidently back that bold statement up and let it live out to be true. Instead of reading about it from us, because our opinion would be biased of course, click below and talk to one of our experts to see how we can help you on your article painting!

The Integrity of our House Painters Savannah Ga Loves

Integrity is what our company, crew, and team are built with and live by. This is why many of our local people support us in saying that we are the best house painters Savannah Ga has. Everything that we do is run by the customer first to ensure that they are comfortable with our work being done on their property. We only provide the best material and the best workers in the area to accomplish your job and build your vision on your home. We have processes in place that make things go smoothly, quickly, and with great quality. Our workers are all familiar with our processes as well so everyone is on the same pages. One of our processes has to do with management. Our managers and owners treat our employees with exceptional service and make sure they get everything they need to ensure a quality job on your project. In return, our employees and workers put in their best efforts to allow us to teach them on better ways of painting which in turn makes for better paint jobs on your painting projects.
Our commitment to help out any local resident or business speaks volumes. We do not want to exclude anybody or building that can benefit from our services. By us knowing we are the best painting service provider in the area, we believe it would be wrong for us to not share our expertise with any and all that can benefit from it. We were once local Savannah residents in need of a quality painting contractor ourselves so we come from the most humble experiences in recognizing where we can improve on. We always are looking for feedback from our customers as well. We believe these are the traits that make us the best Savannah painters.

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